About Us

ALBG is a communications agency specialized in strategic communication, event management, social communication, partner management and public communication and mobilization. Our team of professionals is passionate about the world of communications and insists on just one thing: meeting your needs, efficiently and effectively. Every day, we strive to innovate, adapt, remain flexible and get results.

Our services


At ALBG Communication, our approach is to understand your story, business culture, and objectives in order to define the identity of your partnerships…


Change is a constant variable for organizations. Our role is to help you understand every aspect of change…


From the birth of an idea to settling on a plan, our experts at ALBG Communication will guide you every step of the way in this reflective process to make your event a success…


Our team of seasoned professionals will help you understand and manage the factors that influence individual and group behaviour…

Public Communication
and Mobilization

As with online media, our public administration structures are rapidly changing. They are looking to re-invent themselves…